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Del-Mar-Va Council Fights Back 

For over 100 years, the Boy Scouts of America and its members have risen to help our nation overcome challenges large and small.
Faced with the threat of COVID-19, we at the Del-Mar-Va Council are prepared to help our members and the broader community adapt to and
overcome this health crisis together.


Scouting in Action in this war against the Coronavirus

During this time of Physical/ Social Distancing how can we as an organization rise to the occasion and make a difference?  
A Scout is Helpful, we have a duty to each other, our community, our nation, and our world. 
The Del-Mar-Va Council is asking every able family to grow a garden and make face masks.  

Scouting at Home Hub

Launched on March 17th, the “Scouting at Home Hub” is a brand-new platform to bring Scouting content to families searching for ways to keep their
children engaged while schools are closed for the foreseeable future.

The Scouting at Home Hub features freely available curricula and content from around the Scouting community nation-wide, plus live and
pre-recorded content from our volunteers focused on mentoring young people and exposing them to Merit Badges and other Scout advancement
and service opportunities.

Go to the Scouting at Home Hub by clicking here


Coronavirus Victory Gardens 

During WWI. Scouts were used to promote and grow victory gardens at home and in neighborhoods to support the war effort. 
Growing vegetables at home allowed for farms to dedicate their crops to be used in canning to support the soldiers on the front lines.  

During this Corona Virus pandemic, these gardens:

  • Help with maintaining social distancing by having fewer trips to the store
  • Provide financial relief by growing your own food
  • Put food on the table 
  • Aids in morale to watch a garden grow
  • Healthy and productive outdoor activity
  • Helps in the pandemic effort 
  • Additional food can be donated to a food bank, shelter or shared with others

If you are interested in a plot click here.  For gardening resources click here


Making Face Masks

Our front lines and secondary lines facing the coronavirus currently have a shortage of face masks now and into the foreseeable future. 
These masks may not be up to the N95 standard of mask, but can help in the less exposed parts of the hospital, nursing homes, as well as other
medical facilities. 

If you have a sewing machine, material and supplies lying around you can make a difference by helping to make face masks. 
Supplies can also be ordered online to avoid additional exposure or trips out to the stores. 
Click here to get to our face mask resource page with instructional videos as well as patterns for a face mask.        

You will also be able to report your service hours for the masks that you make and donate.


Financial Assistance for Our Members

We are committed that no Scout be turned away from our programs due to financial hardship. This commitment is essential to our ability to deliver on our mission to “Prepare young people for life” in every community we serve.

To that end, the Del-Mar-Va Council plans to invest more than $250,000 in assistance for our members in 2020. We are only able to provide this assistance because of our dedicated and generous donors and volunteers.

To help support our Scouts in need, please consider making a gift online today at


For important recent tax information please see The CARES Act & Giving in 2020

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