Del-Mar-Va Council BSACouncil Covid-19 Update



If eligible, we encourage all staff, volunteers, Scouts, and family members to get fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

Reminder – For unit events, the chartered organization has the final discretion over the policies to be followed. 

Effective June 14, 2021 Del-Mar-Va Council facilities at Akridge Scout Reservation will be open to our Scouting family to resume business as prior to the pandemic. A Scout is courteous – please abide by social distancing and masking procedures to create as safe an environment as possible.

Masking Policy:

As a reminder, those vaccinated for COVID-19 can still contract and transmit the virus.

1. If Indoors – Masks must still be worn by those unvaccinated, and are encouraged to be worn by all visitors to our indoor facilities.

2. If Outdoors – We strongly encourage you to wear a mask, but it is not mandatory when social distancing is able to be maintained. If social distancing cannot be maintained, or where other event-specific guidelines are in-place, masks must be worn by those unvaccinated.


Tent Policy – We are still encouraging one person per tent, but in situations where two people need to share a tent, be sure to follow the BSA’s Barriers to Abuse policies and we recommend sleeping “head-to-toe.”

As a reminder, our council has set COVID policies for our resident camp properties that may be more restrictive than the most recent state or CDC guidance since we host Scouts, in overnight situations, some of whom are not currently eligible to be vaccinated.


The Henson Scout Shop is currently closed to all walk-in or on-site order pickup due to the camp COVID restrictions on outside visitors. Those needing uniforms & supplies are encouraged to continue to place orders through the email These orders will be filled and shipped to you as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience as we continue to navigate the stormy waters of the pandemic.



Important steps for units to follow regarding COVID mitigation practices:

  1. You must have the approval from your Chartering Organization to gather in-person – since your unit is technically owned and operated by them.
  2. To help prevent the asymptomatic spread of COVID-19, follow health department and the CDC guidelines, including wearing face coverings if indoors or outdoors and not able to be physically distant, and in general remember to keep a six-foot physical separation from others.
  3. Be sure to have each participant complete this health screening questionnaire before they participate in each meeting, activity or event. Those who answer YES to any question, or have a fever above 100.0 ?F should not be allowed to attend or participate. For overnight activities, temperatures should be taken once a day and symptoms of COVID reviewed to monitor for potential signs while on the trip.
  4. Transportation – Encourage transportation by members of the same household, limiting carpooling where possible. If carpooling with members outside of the same family, masks must be worn. Refer to CDC guidelines for updated practices.
  5. Important reminder: Unit leadership and meeting hosts of in-person meetings or activities who do not adhere to all Health Department and CDC regulations noted above could potentially find themselves without liability insurance coverage, making them personally liable for any injury or illness contracted as a result of that meeting or activity. 

Unit Programs

We offer the Unit Program Resource Guide to help address your questions regarding holding unit meetings while keeping your Scouts safe and healthy. That resource can be found at

State Guidance

For information for the State of Delaware please go to
For information for the State of Maryland please go to
For information for the State of Virginia please go to
We ask that you follow the guidelines set forth by your state.


Additional Questions

For information or questions please call 302-622-3300.