Leader Training

All registered leaders are required to have current Youth Protection Training. In addition, Leader Specific Training is required for direct-contact leaders in order to be considered "Trained".

The following is a list of direct-contact leaders and their required course codes:

Cub Scouts 
CM  Cubmaster C40, Y01
CA  Assistant Cubmaster C40, Y01
WL  Webelos Leader C42, Y01
WA  Assistant Webelos Leader C42, Y01
DL  Den Leader C42, Y01
DA  Assistant Den Leader C42, Y01
TL  Tiger Cub Den Leader C42, Y01

Scouts BSA 
SM  Scoutmaster S11, S24, Y01
SA  Assistant Scoutmaster S11, S24, Y01
10  Leader of 11-Year Old Scouts (LDS) S11, S24, Y01

NL  Advisor P21, Y02
NA Associate Advisor P21, Y01

Sea Scouts  
SK  Sea Scout Skipper P44, Y01
MT  Sea Scout Mate P44, Y01

Note: Y01 is Youth Protection Training and is required for all registered leaders for registration.

To take selected training courses on-line on a national website, go to My.Scouting.org. To sign in and have your completion of this on-line training recorded, you will need to establish an account using your Council number and Member ID number. You can find these numbers at the bottom of your current registration card. If you do not have a registration card, please contact your District Commissioner or District Executive.

Check the complete Del-Mar-Va Training calendar for upcoming training sessions

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For answers to additional training questions, ask a GURU.

What Makes a Trained Leader?