Del-Mar-Va Council Camps Summer Fees Schedule 2024

Del-Mar-Va Council camp fees are "All Inclusive" meaning that there are no hidden or additional costs once your Scouts pay this fee. Basketry kits, leather crafts, rifle ammunition, cleaning supplies for your latrine, seconds in the dining hall, coffee & tea for thirsty leaders, high-speed internet access, 24 hour on call health staff, lost arrows during Archery merit badge, all the fun and excitement you can bear, absolutely EVERYTHING your Scouts will need to participate in the best summer camp programs in the country are included in this one fee. When compared to other camps with a lower initial fee but plenty of additional fees, Del-Mar-Va Council camp fees often are LESS expensive than our competitors. Do the math!

Food Service/Program

All Inclusive Discount Fee (paid in full on or before May 1)

All Inclusive Regular Fee (paid in full after May 1)

Dining Hall (Henson) $555 $585
Dining Hall (Rodney) $585 $615
Heater Stack
(Rodney only
by campsite)
$585 $615
Troop Commissary (Troop cooking their own food) $505 (at HSR)
$535 (at RSR)
$535 (at HSR)
$565 (at RSR)
Provisional $555 (at HSR)
$585 (at RSR)
$585 (at HSR)
$615 (at RSR)

Encore Camper (2nd week at either Rodney or Henson)

$555 $585

Adults:      $200 (at HSR)      $210 (at RSR)

Every Unit Receives 1 Leader FREE!

With 10 Scouts 2 Leaders FREE!

1 Additional FREE Leader with every 10 additional Scouts over 20.       


Payment Schedule Overview:

$200 Site Reservation Deposit is due at the time of registration and is non-refundable under all circumstances. $50 of this deposit will automatically be applied to your registration when final fees are calculated. $150 will be retained as a reservation fee. 

$50 Non-refundable per Scout Deposit is due on or before February 1st and is used to reserve the number of spaces need for your Scouts. Unutilized deposits can be transferred to another Scout, but cannot be refunded or applied to any other types of fees. This deposit is intended to make unit attendance projections as accurate as possible on February 1. 

Early Bird Discount of $30 is automatically applied to every Scout paid in full on or before May 1. 

Payment may be made online or over the phone with an e-check. Checks made payable to Del-Mar-Va Council can be mailed or hand-delivered to Outdoor Programs, Akridge Scout Reservation, 1910 Baden Powell Way, Dover, DE 19904. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us to make payment or for more information at 302-622-3300 or 

Financial Assistance may be obtained for summer camp programs by application. Resources are limited and the most consideration will be given to applications received on or before April 1.