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 2018 Weird Science Camp Leader Guide

2018 Weird Science Camp Program Schedule

Program Sign-up Instructions


BSA Medical Form
2 Night participants - Parts A&B only
4 Night participants - Parts A,B & C (Dr signature required)


  • The ENTIRE pack can come together on Friday and camp together. Tigers, Wolves, and Bears will check out on Sunday, while the Webelos and Arrow of lights will stay for two more nights.
  • Cubs families may also sign up WITHOUT THEIR PACK. Packs with less than 5 Cubs & 5 Parents won't be charged a site fee.
  • Fewer vacation days are required for adults staying with the Webelos because the program runs over the weekend
  • Complete Program overhaul! Packs will create their own schedule!

Programs offered:

  •  3 day, 2-night program running from Friday to Sunday (geared towards all ages)
  • Session 1: Friday, August 3rd - Sunday, August 5th
  • Session 2: Friday, August 10th – Sunday, August 12th
  • 5 day, 4-night program running from Friday to Tuesday (geared towards Webelos and Arrow of Lights)
  • Session 1: Friday, August 3rd - Tuesday, August 7th
  • Session 2: Friday, August 10th – Tuesday, August 14th


  • Packs will design and register for their own unique program by choosing from a wide variety of programs, advancements, and fun activities
  • As with in the past, if families can’t attend the session that the Pack is planning to, they are encouraged to register themselves for another session. It is not a requirement to attend with the Pack.
  • If a Pack is strictly interested in advancement they can fill their adventure with rank specific advancements. If a Pack is interested in just having as much fun as a possible, they can fill their week with swimming, shooting, climbing, and fishing! The Pack’s schedule is solely dependent on what the Packs want to do and when they want to do it.
  • This format will require more planning prior to attending camp as Packs will have to decide on a schedule and register for it on the website.
  • Weird Science Camp will feature science labs covering a wide base of scientific fields including:
  • Forensics Lab- fingerprinting, DNA testing, and blood typing
  • Ballistics Lab- Detailed lesson on firearms, the trajectory of projectiles, and how Crime Scene Investigators use this information to recreate crime scenes
  • Chemistry Lab- learning the basics of chemistry and doing some great chemistry experiments
  • Geology Lab-
  • Biology Lab- Dissecting Owl Pellets
  • Technology Lab- Earn Cyber Chip, learn about robots and begin building Robot using Lego Mind Storms


  • Henson will provide BSA Canvas Wall Tents that are set up off the ground on wooden platforms. Each tent has two cots for sleeping on.
  • Full-service Comfort Stations are open 24/7 with flush toilets and individual hot/cold showers.
  • All meals are included and served family style in the Dining Hall.
  • Camp Trading Post with snacks, ice cream, souvenirs, and scout memorabilia.
  • Medical Officer on site 24/7.
  • Ice, trash bags, and other campsite supplies are provided

Pricing is as follows:

Adventure 1: August 3rd-7th
Adventure 2: August 10th-14th

2-Night Mini Adventure: August 3rd-5th or August 10th-12th
4-Night Max Adventure: August 3rd-7th or August 10th-14th

2-Nights: $199 per Scout/Siblings over 5 (if paid in full on or before 6/1/18, $224 after June 1, 2018): $49 per Adult
4-Nights: $299 per Scout/Siblings over 5 (if paid in full on or before 6/1/18, $324 after June 1, 2018): $99 per Adult




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