Frequently Asked Questions About Scouting for Food

QUESTION: What is Scouting for Food?

ANSWER: Scouting for Food in the Del-Mar-Va Council is the largest single-day food drive in the Boy Scouts of America. 

Bag Distribution Day: More than 25,000 plastic shopping bags will be hung on doorknobs throughout the Delmarva Peninsula.

Bag Collection Day: Scouts pick up the bags filled with donated canned goods. The canned goods are distributed to area food pantries to help the needy.

Q: Why do the Scouts of Del-Mar-Va organize Scouting for Food?
 As an organization, the Boy Scouts are dedicated to giving back to their communities. Scouting for Food teaches youths the value of helping others. 
"Do a good turn daily," is the Scout slogan and, "to help other people at all times," is one of the planks of the Scout Oath.

Q: How does the food get from my pantry to the homes of the needy?
 After Scouts retrieve the bags filled with canned goods from their area, items are taken to central locations of Maryland or Delaware Food banks and
then redistributed to local pantries or donations are taken directly to food pantries. Donations are available on pantry shelves to feed the needy within days.

Q: Who participates in Scouting for Food?
 More than 10,000 Scouts, their families, and Scout leaders take part in Scouting for Food by distributing bags and collecting the
canned goods. Volunteers from local food pantries and banks help organize donations.

Q: What area does this support?
 The Scouting for Food program collects donations across 14 counties throughout the Delmarva Peninsula.

Q: What should I give as a donation? What does a Perfect Bag look like?
 Eating a variety of healthful food in sensible amounts is important for all, and this can be particularly challenging for families in need.
While all donations are appreciated, be sure to practice thoughtful giving this season. Dietitians suggest donating a variety of nutritious items,
such as cans of chili, soups, tuna, pasta sauce, evaporated milk, fruit, and vegetables. This gives hungry families more of what they need.

Q: With So many Scouts distributing bags and collecting cans in neighborhoods, are there ever any accidents or injuries?
 Safety is always a key focus of Bag Distribution and Bag Collection Days. All Scouts are given safety guidelines before each Saturday event,
and the units are accompanied by their Scout leader and parent volunteers. With thousands of participants traversing roadways, both Scouts and drivers
alike are encouraged to exercise caution on these two Saturdays. It is recommended that drivers be careful when backing out of driveways and reduce their
speed by 5 to 10 miles per hour while traveling in subdivisions. 

Drive Safe and Slow, Scouts are on the Go.