Civic Service

The Del-Mar-Va Council encourages all Units to actively participate in at least 1 Good Turn for America project each year, although they will likely complete many more than 1. Projects can be anything from litter pickup in a park to sorting food at a local food bank.


Scouting for Food


Scouting for Food is the BSA's largest one-day food drive, raising 20 to 30 percent of area food pantries' yearly supply and feeding the hungry in communities for three months.

The campaign is launched on "Bag Distribution Day" when Scouts distribute plastic bags to residences. The Scouts return to residences on the following week, "Bag Collection Day," to retrieve the bags filled with donated non-perishable items.

Donated items are distributed at either collection sites or directly to pantries.

Within 48 hours of the Scouts' collection, donations are on pantry shelves ready to feed the hungry.

Visit the Scouting for Food page for more information and materials.