Scouting for Food 


October 16-17, 2021 (bag and door hanger distribution)

October 23-24, 2021 (donation pick up) 


 The Scout Oath states, "To help other people at all times." Scouting for Food is a Council-wide initiative to help combat hunger in our community.  Food insecurity affects millions of families every year; this past year COVID-19 added an extra struggle

No one should ever go hungry, and the reality is. more families are having a tough time feeding their household because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Del-Mar-Va Council is committed to helping those in need...but we need your help. 



Step 1

Order Door Hangers & Bags and Make Your Commitment 

A unit representative should place an order for door hangers and bags and make your commitment. Bags and door hangers can be picked up at these locations and times

Step 2 

Distribute Bags and Door Hangers in your Community - October 16-17, 2021

Work with your District Scouting for Food Chair/District Activities & Civic Service Chair. Be sure to wear your uniform, wear a mask, and follow all safety precautions. 


Step 3

Collect Food  October 23-24, 2021

Return to each house that you left a bag and door hanger and collect any and all donations. Be sure to wear your uniform, wear a mask, and follow all safety precautions. 


Step 4

Sort and Drop Off Food by November 1.

Units should record the number of pounds of food collected and the number of participating Scouts.  Food should be delivered to your preferred organization. 

A list of food pantries and banks can be found here



Step 5

Report Your Service Hours and Food Collected and Order Patches. 

Unit representative should report the number of service hours, participating Scouts, and the pounds of food collected, and order your Scouting for Food Patches. 



If your unit has leftover door hangers please return to your District Executive or Council Office. 


Step 6

Report Your Service Hours into Internet Advancement 2.0 

Be sure to record your service hours.